单词 pont
释义 pont 英pɒnt美pɒnt 高COCA¹⁸⁶⁸⁰BNC²⁰⁰⁴⁴
n. 桥; 南非的缆拉渡船
Argentina’s Senate voted, after weeks of delay, to confirm Mercedes Marcó del Pont as Central Bank governor.
经过数周拖延后,阿根廷参议院批准马可德尔蓬担任中央银行行长。 ecocn

For internal logic between assessment and financial analysis, Du Pont financial analysis system can be used, as reference, to analyze the taxation assessment system.
纳税评估分析与财务分析的内在联系,可以参考运用杜邦财务分析系统对纳税评估系统的分析。 dictall

The Du Pont System is a method which uses internal relations of financial rates to analyze and judge of financial affairs state of a company.
杜邦系统是运用各个主要财务比率指标之间的内在联系,来综合分析、评价企业财务状况的一种分析方法。 cnki

The Du Pont System of Financial Analysis and the Wall Marking Way are two ways of Comprehensive Financial Analysis widely used in practical operation.
杜邦财务分析体系与沃尔评分法是两种在实际工作中广泛运用的财务综合分析方法。 dictall

The traditional Du Pont financial system cannot provide service for internal management owing to its failure to make use of the variable cost information.
传统的杜邦财务系统,不能充分利用变动成本信息为企业内部管理提供服务。 cnki

Why It's Innovative: Instead of separating in the middle like a drawbridge, the Pont Gustave- Flaubert's deck is lifted straight up by a butterfly- shaped pulley system so tall ships can pass through.
创新点:与从中间开合的吊桥不同的是古斯塔夫—福楼拜桥直接由蝴蝶形状的滑轮系统吊起,高船过河也能畅通无阻。 yeeyan

Besides the three Du Pont entries, only43 of the400 entries on the most recent Forbes list represent people who got there through inheritance.
除了有三个是杜邦公司的成员,在最近福布斯排行榜上400位中,只有43位是继承遗产上榜。 ecocn

Du Pont established a powder mill nearby in1802.
杜邦1802年在附近建了一个炸药厂。 hjenglish

Financial evaluation system; Du Pont analysis system; The Tobacco Sales Company.
财务评价体系;杜邦分析法;烟草销售企业。 cnlunwen.net

Five years earlier, in 1906, Madame Curie’s husband was run over and killed by a horse drawn carriage near the Pont Neuf in Paris.
五年前,也就是1906年,居里夫人的丈夫在巴黎的九桥被马车压过至死。 yeeyan

GTP technology, developed by Du Pont Co. , is a new polymerization route which is suitable for paints or other polymer engineering materials.
美国杜邦公司开发的基团转移聚合反应,是一种新的聚合技术,适用于制造涂料及其他聚合物工程材料。 cnki

Historically, the Royal Deux- Ponts take their name from the Duke of Deux- Pont who raised the regiment on his German estates.
历史上,皇家双桥团之名取自双桥公爵,正是公爵在其德国领地内一手打造了此团。 clanlong

In 2009, JR transformed the Pont Louis- Philippe bridge in Paris.
2009年, JR改变了巴黎 Pont Louis- Philippe桥的模样。 yeeyan

It was something precisely parallel which took place on the afternoon of the6th of June on the banks of the Seine, on the slope of the right shore, a little beyond the Pont des Invalides.
六月六日下午,在塞纳河右河滩残废军人院桥过去一点的地方发生的正是这类事件。 ebigear

Mr Chandler's patrician friends in Delaware included the mighty du Pont family.
他在特拉华的贵族朋友包括强大的杜邦家族。 ecocn

Our industrialization policy must be comprehensive, Jackson told reporters at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware, where the shareholders will hold their annual meeting.
我国工业化政策必须是全面的,杰克逊对记者说在酒店杜邦在特拉华州威尔明顿,在那里将举行的股东年度会议。 mktimingrpt

Over half of Du Pont's new hires for professional and managerial positions are minorities and women.
在杜邦公司新聘的专业技术与管理职位中妇女与少数族裔就占到一半以上。 zftrans

Part II assesses and analyzes the way of Comprehensive Financial Analysis and proposes where should be improved in the Du Pont System of Financial Analysis and the Wall Marking Way.
第二部分对财务综合分析方法进行了评析,分析了杜邦财务分析体系与沃尔评分法应该改进的方面; cnki

Patent application, patent grant and patent term of Du- Pont R407 series products are analysed in this paper.
介绍了杜邦公司 R407系列产品专利申请、授权和专利权有效期情况。 dictall

Rather than go to college after graduation, Willis took the route of his father as a blue- collar worker, transporting work crews at the Du Pont factory.
毕业后没有上大学,布鲁斯走了父亲的老路,成为了一名蓝领工人。在杜邦工厂里做搬运工。 xianzai

The boat reached Pont Sully, and turned slowly against the whitecaps on the Seine to head back downriver.
这时船已经到达德苏利桥,开始顶着塞纳河的白浪掉头驶回下游。 yeeyan

The Pont du Gard is a huge aqueduct half a mile long that was built nearly two thousand years ago.
加德桥是一个长达半英里的大型输水渠道,大约在两千年前建造而成。 kekenet




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